The research team

Geerke van der Meijden


Trainee Clinical Psychology

Zuyderland GGZ (NL)


Geerke works as a psychologist with voice hearers and people that have sufferd from trauma. From these experiences she came up with the idea for the current study.

Eleanor Longdon PhD.


Evaringsdeskundige / Onderzoeker

Psychosis Research Unit 


Eleanor is expert by experience and a researcher. She studies the relationship between voice hearing, trauma and dissociation.

David van den Berg PhD.


Clinical Psychologist / Researcher

Parnassia (NL)


David has experience in treating people that hear voices. As a researcher he studies the relation between trauma and voice hearing.

Jill Lobbestael PhD.


Psychologist / Associate Professor 

Maastricht University (NL)


Jill is a researcher in the field of trauma and personality. She also works as a therapist.