Help us understand the relationship between early childhood experience and hearing voices

Hearing voices

Hearing voices is an experience in which a person hears a voice that other people cannot hear. Some people hear these voices in their head, while others hear the voices as external sounds. People can hear voices for a variety of reasons. Some voice hearers have psychological problems in addition to or because of their voices, while others do not. The voices can sometimes be experienced as bothersome, but also as supportive or neutral. To hear voices is not uncommon. It is estimated that about 10% of the population hear voices at some point in their live.


What is the purpose of this study?

The aim of this research is to gain more insight into the role of voices in the lives of voice hearers. We are particularly interested in the content of the voices. Based on research, we know that voices often have a relationship with experiences from the past and that the meaning and/or the content is often associated with this.We would like to understand this relationship better. Our idea is that thoughts and feelings voice hearers have about themselves might play an important intermediate step in this relation. The aim of the research is therefore to map these factors in order to better understand the content of the voices. The factors that are being explored in the study are: the content of the voices, the thought and feelings about yourself and negative experiences that you may have experienced during your childhood.


What do I need to do during the study?

The research consists of answering an online questionnaire. First, you will receive a number of questions about your experiences with hearing voices to see if you are eligible to participate in the study. If this is the case, you will be presented with a number of questionnaires that focus on your experience with hearing voices, dissociative feelings and negative childhood experiences. You will also be asked to rate a number of statements about yourself and your voices. Completing the questionnaire will take approximately 40 to 60 minutes.


Risks of participation

There are no specific risks associated with participating in this study. If you find participation in the study difficult or unpleasant, you can stop and withdraw at any time.


Voluntary participation

Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary. In addition, all your data will be processed anonymously. If you decide to participate after reading this information, you must sign a declaration of consent. Even after signing this permission form you may cancel your participation at any time without having to give any explanation.


Further information and contact

When you have any further question about the study and the results feel free to contact:


Geerke van der Meijden, Msc.


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